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Healthy Eating RD Inc offers nutrition counseling from Registered Dietitians.  Individualized and easy plans help form the path to meeting health goals.  The Registered Dietitians at Healthy Eating RD Inc offer expertise in the science of food and nutrition to access the principles of healthy eating in an easy form that is realistic and sustainable.  They use an evidence-based approach to provide medical nutrition therapy to educate you about food-related issues and will work with you to make behavioral and lifestyle changes to manage nutrition related diseases and to maintain wellness.  Sessions are offered both in person in San Diego CA in Carmel Valley near Del Mar and Austin TX in Oak Hill  as well as virtually via zoom throughout the country.  Choose to move to your best health in the years ahead!


Healthy Eating RD Inc is founded on the principles that healthy eating incorporates most foods and that to have long standing success you must honor your hunger.  The Registered Dietitians guide ways to work with the body’s natural biochemistry to promote success.  In addition principles to support healthy brain chemistry are incorporated to ease the process of attaining and maintaining healthy eating habits.  Your session will include an assessment of  present eating and nutritional status (including body fat composition (by request) and creating a realistic and sustainable plan in order to find optimal health.  The latest nutritional science will be individualized and include easily incorporated changes you can add to your daily life.

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