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Healthy Eating


Patty's believes healthy eating incorporates most foods and that to have long standing success you must honor your hunger.  She teaches ways to work with your body's biochemistry to promote success.  Patty also pulls in principles to support healthy brain chemistry to ease the process of attaining and maintaining healthy eating habits.  Patty begins by assessing your present eating and nutritional status (including body fat composition by request) and creating a realistic and sustainable plan in order to find your best health. She translates the latest nutrition science into individualized and easily incorporated changes you can add to your daily life.

Patty believes food and nutrition should be fun and enjoyable.  Like most people she enjoys spending time with her family eating and cooking.  Patty has counseled numerous clients with a vast array of nutritional concerns including pre-diabetes, diabetes, weight management, heart health,  sports nutrition, eating disorders and many more with measurable positive results.   She works with both adults and children, helping families maintain a sense of pleasure with food. Patty has been a featured nutrition expert on TV, online, at corporations and community events.  She continues to be available to broadcast media, conferences, seminars and workshops. 

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